We are Direct Remit for General Trade Co. Ltd

The corporation was established on 22/11/2016. it’s a private company and the exclusive agent for Amazon food products in Sudan, which is known for its high quality products, outstanding reputation, and consumer’s satisfaction. It only took a short period of time for Amazon to make a big impact on the Sudanese market.

Controlling most of the shares despite the tough competition. The company as a whole was faced with various challenges that are political, economical and social. Despite all the odds, the leadership and employees in the company showed a great deal of urgency and consistency in overcoming every hurdle on the road which reflected in a positive and profitable year in 2017. It works with large capital to achieve a return on investment of 30% The number of employees are 63 workers under the contract system.

Our vision

Continuous and ambitious work to maintain the name of the company and its reputation on the local level within Khartoum state and the level of states of Sudan to provide the best services related to company’s products.

Our Message

Seeking to be one of the pioneering companies in the field of food products in Sudan, and achieve customers’ satisfaction and always give them more than they expected.

Our Goals

Achieving the highest profitability rate and being number one in the spread and sales among specialized companies in food products in Sudan.