Direct Remit Company

Direct Remit Company was established in 2016 based on the Companies Law of 1925, and an exclusive agency for Amazon products was signed in October 2016 with Al-Atheed General Trading Company (the owner of Amazon products) in the UAE.

The company was officially inaugurated on May 7, 2017, with 34 products. Since the inception, the company has developed marketing plans and strategies that are based on spreading in the horizontal plane, and on increasing products in the vertical plane.

The company is based on several departments that integrate with each other to work on the success and growth of the institution and its advancement, and among the most important departments are Marketing Management, Sales Management, Import Management, Human Resources and Services Management, Financial Affairs Management.

First: Marketing Management:

Marketing is one of the important departments in any organization, and it is considered the eye of the institution in the market. Marketing management means the process of organizing, managing and knowing the best way to deal with all marketing activities, and these activities include the process of marketing planning and products pricing and promoting them by conducting comprehensive advertising campaigns for them, and it also includes the process of distributing products to all customers, and marketing can only be considered Part of commercial and humanitarian activities that aim to satisfy all consumers' desires. Marketing management consists of:

A / Marketing Manager:

Marketing manager is the person responsible for managing the company's sales and he must be able to innovate, develop and maintain the company's position in the market, and perhaps the most important characteristic of a successful marketing manager is his ability to face the crises that the company may encounter as a result of the presence of other companies competing with it in the market, and from It is worth noting that the marketing manager heads a successful marketing team that directs them to solve the goals that enable him to sell the largest amount of goods or provide services to the public.

B / Promotion Section C / Market Research Section D / Business Development Section

Second: Sales Management:

Sales Department is a department of the company’s management department, which is responsible for developing sales activities and making a thoughtful plan to support the sales force, in other words, it is the department that focuses on all sales techniques and methods and managing salespeople to determine the amount of profits achieved and access to increasing profits.

Sales Management consists of:

A / Sales Manager:

Sales manager is the person responsible for the follow-up and evaluation of sales, as well as the role of supervising department heads in the sales department and directing them to carry out their tasks and provide inquiries and responses to them to reach the success of the values of the sales department and create communication with customers through modern and scientific methods.

B/ Distribution channels, divided into:

• Retail • Wholesales • Key Account • Out of Home • Up countries