Chairman of Board of Directors Word

Based on feelings and emotions towards our beloved ‎country, thinking about a project that serves the home ‎land and the citizen and pushing it in the macro-economy, ‎so the idea was to import high-quality food products ‎worthy of the homeland and the citizen. The signature ‎was in October 2016 with Al-Atheed Trading Company in ‎the United Arab Emirates

With the grace of God and his success, The Amazon brand ‎in Sudan had a large market share ‎ We ask God Almighty, and in cooperation with Al-Atheed ‎Trading Company, to promote and elevate the Amazon ‎brand in the service of this great nation that deserves ‎everything precious‎

Majdi Hassan Mohamed Nour

Managing Director's Word

The ideas and ambitions of any project are achieving success. When talking about the Amazon brand and how to introduce it to the Sudanese market in light of a market monopolized by strong competitors in terms of spread, marketing and financial ability as one of the challenges that we faced since the beginning, we accepted this challenge, so the launch was in May 2017 according to one goal which is success and nothing else, so, thanks to God we did it.

Success was achieved according to the plans, scientific and methodological studies, precisely setting for goals, vision and mission, and also the perseverance of all employees of Direct Remit for General Trading Company. With that high spirit, Amazon has become one of the big brands in the Sudanese market and has a large share, within three years despite the challenges and economic difficulties that we face, as well as thanks to Al-Atheed Trading Company, the owner of the Amazon brand, for giving all technical, financial, and moral support for the success of Amazon in Sudan.

Tarig Fath Elrahman El-Fadlabi